Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Going Global: Reporting from Tunis

"10 Traits Women Entrepreneurs In The Middle-East and U.S.A. Have In Common"

I had the incredible opportunity to have lunch with a number of Middle-Eastern and North African women entrepreneurs during the conference out here in Tunis. One of the exercises we participated in was a discussion about what we had in common at our table. Here's the list we came up with:

1. We are all women!
2. Intelligent.
3. Smart.
4. BOLD.
5. Passionate.
6. Highly stylistic.
7. Pro-active.
8. Internationally-minded (speak English).
9. We never give up.
10. Have a vibrant, fighting spirit.

Can all of you women entrepreneurs round-the-globe identify with these special traits that enable you to take on the world with your business?


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurel,
I am impressed you were able to share some information about the summit that fast. I thank you for helping us Arab women reach the world. As we discussed in the summit, we have in addition to the same challenges faced by western women, some culture and tradition related constraints. We are trying to get rid of some which we do not believe in and just inherited them from older generations but definitely will keep the ones we value and are proud of.
It was a pleasure meeting you and enjoying the good food together.
Rania Mehwi

Anonymous said...

Dear Rania,

What a wonderful surprise to return from Tunis and find your post. I am delighted to have met you too. Thank you so much.

I feel honored and privileged to have had a chance to spend time with so many incredible, vibrant Arab businesswomen. I learned so much from everyone and my desire is for our dialog to continue.

The MENA Business Women's Summit proves to me that the old walls between our respective countries and markets are increasingly being blown away, constituting a fundamentally new state of globalization for us all. One that we should definitely take advantage of.

I hold out hope that we will forever be enriched by the experiences and connectedness we shared during the summit. That spirit will never leave us and I will do my best to keep it alive by reaching out to all the businesswomen who attended the Tunis gathering.

Please continue to stay in touch and contact me whenever you know I can be of service to you.

Warmest personal regards,