Monday, December 20, 2004

Trade Mission Builds Chinese Ties For Small Businesses


The following article link presents a good look at how small busineses located in Pennsylvania are making great strides in China with the help of supporting organizations, including SBA. Here are a couple of engaging snippets from the piece:

• "The cultural changes occurring in China right now are simply overwhelming," he said. "The openness to western product and western culture is shocking."

• Even as the growth of the Chinese economy causes concern over outsourcing issues due to its low labor costs, Mr. Kunkel sees a growing middle class in China with increasing disposable income and an appetite for western goods.

• "You cannot do business in China without having some face-to-face and having a physical presence there," he said. "It's not a believable offer to the Chinese if you're not physically there."

To read the entire article, visit:
Trade Mission Builds Chinese Ties For Small Businesses

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