Thursday, November 04, 2004

Women Entrepreneurs Enter the Global Marketplace

In The Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University

How can women enter the global marketplace and find success? As the numbers of women poised to enter the global marketplace accelerate, this question is becoming increasingly important. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, women-owned businesses currently account for 30 percent of businesses that export more than half of their products worldwide.

Here are a couple of great tips that I tracked in the article and they apply to both men and women alike who are interested in expanding internationally:

• Don’t let challenges take over opportunities (the biggest challenge women face in doing business internationally is the perception that they will not be as successful as men because of cultural assumptions about women’s roles in other countries, along with work and life balance issues. If women are supported by their companies and take the risk to get started, they will be just as successful).
• Create a targeted export strategy.
• Know your market and your product.
• Be proactive.
• International business is built on relationships (a skill at which women excel).
• Treat all business as local (women should be who they are, listen, have a sense of humor and be willing to share a bit about themselves with overseas counterparts).

To read the entire article, visit:
Conference Guides Women Entrepreneurs Entering the Global Marketplace

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Anonymous said...

Women entrepreneurs are making huge leaps and bounds in global marketplace. It's nice to finally see this. Even countires like Afghanistan are starting to promote women entrepreneurs. It's nice to see this. Thank you for the tips.