Monday, August 23, 2004

"You can be sure we're going to define ourselves as a global company,'' says Staples CEO.

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Staples CEO knows no boundaries: Deals opening new markets within China, Eastern Europe

Here's why this article is relevant to small businesses going global:

• Staples retail stores had ``a booming quarter,'' driven by an emphasis on its copy-center business, as well as private label brands, CEO Sargent said. Small businesses were also driving demand. ``Small business is kind of leading us out of this recession,'' Sargent said. ``The small and medium segments are buying more than they were a year ago. Only the largest (business) segment seems to buying just a little less.''

Small businesses are empowering Staples to go global:

• "You can be sure we're going to define ourselves as a global company,'' he said. Yesterday, Staples took a step in that direction by unveiling a joint venture with OA365, a Chinese Internet and catalog delivery business that will give the company a beachhead in China's $25 billion office products market. Staples said China is the world's fastest-growing office supply market. Sargent said China's office products market is highly fragmented, with thousands of small delivery and retail companies. OA365 is one of China's largest suppliers.

• Staples also said it will make its first foray into Eastern Europe by purchasing Pressel Versand International GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria, as well as the office products division of Denmark's Malling Beck A/S. The acquisitions will give Staples a presence in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic as well as in Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

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